Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I posted some pictures of our cats under the "Country Life" tab and a video of the twins under "Twin Tales."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warts, Warts and More Warts

Yes, we have been infected by warts. Isaiah has had them on his hands for awhile but recently they started spreading uncontrollably. So, it was time to get to take care of them. I had tried some over the counter medications to no avail.

Our pediatrician took one look at them and said she was sending him to a pediatric dermatologist because they were infected into his nail bed around his fingers. Well, yesterday was a first of several appointments and what a process!!!

First, he had over ten frozen - he was a master at gritting his teeth and taking the liquid nitrogen to the maximum dosage on each area. I am SOOOOOO proud of his courage!

Second, he had all the warts around his finger tips treated with "Beetle Juice" - yes it is the poison from a beetle. We had to leave it on there for a while and then wash his hands. The juice made HUGE - I mean HUGE clear blisters out of his warts. His hands are so swollen and tender. I think he will have a hard time writing today at school.

Then at nights we have to soak his hands for 20 minutes, scrap off the old dead skin, apply new medication and then wrap with duct tape til morning. Yes, medically prescribed DUCT TAPE! My dad swears it will fix anything and I guess he is right. Isaiah was a champ last night but was only able to make it until about 4:30 am before he was up wanting the duct tape off his hands - I don't blame him!!

By the way did you all know that duct tape is a fashion forward - hip thing now? I had know idea. I decided we needed a clean roll of duct tape to wrap his infected hands - the roll of gray tape we have has been the product of one too many home repair jobs.  So, off the store and we found half an isle with duct tape options - every pattern under the sun!

Isaiah decided to liked the cheetah print - here are a few pictures from his brave battles yesterday.

Leaving the doctor's office - so brave!
The beginning of his blisters 
Duct tape on

Monday, September 19, 2011

Over a Year

Well, it has been over a year since I update this blog.  My last entry was from the end of last summer as we were coming back to Kentucky. We had spent three months in Lawton, Oklahoma as I interned with the U.S. JAG Corp.  WOW - have things changed!

Little did we know that our adventures in Oklahoma were going to stay with  us - we came back pregnant with twins! Life has been turned upside down since then - here is a quick run down of the last year.

Twins were born in March, I finished school in May, we moved to Wilmore in May, me and the twins went to Texas for the summer, Bryan started a new job as a professor in July, I sat for the bar exam in July, Isaiah started 2nd grade in August, our basement flooded and we are still in repair, Luke started pre-school and I am staying home with the twins waiting bar results.

So, we closed one season and began a new so I thought perhaps I would try to revive this blog. Stay tuned for brief stories of our adventures with the twins, life in the country and two older boys playing soccer.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a Summer!

It was an amazing summer and a whirl-wind to say the least. We were so blessed to be able to spend the summer closer to family. I think the boys logged just under 6,000 miles in the car in 72 days. They were incredible! Here are just a few highlights.

- We made a trip to Denton to see all of Bryan's family and even got to go to a Ranger's game. The boys danced and laughed the whole time - they had a blast.

- We got to live near an Army base and visit the museums several times. The boys learned that there Great Granddad was stationed at that very base for basic training.
- Luke was sure we were living in the wild wild west.
- Spent lots of time at the wildlife refuge with these guys! Plus, the scorpions, ticks, deer, ground hogs, turkey and multiple other wild animals.
- Luke celebrated his 3rd Birthday while we were gone.

- We lost our cat Cheetah to the coyotes but thankfully Grammy McCrary's cat had just had a litter of kittens and this little one came back to Kentucky with us. Originally named "Spotter" but has since been renamed Padme.- Went fishing with my brother (Uncle Josh) and caught several fish.
We climbed mountains in New Mexico and the Wichita Mountains outside of Lawton, OK.
- We also made the annual fourth of July parade and turtle race in Canadian, Texas

- Isaiah and Luke took two weeks of swimming lessons and made huge steps towards actually being self sufficient in deep water without a floatation device. I think that wraps it up.... Oh - and a trip to San Antonio and Canyon - all so much fun.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bryan's Blog....

is so worth the read! I am only slightly bias. At least go read the post title "Fire on my head." I am still laughing.



Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, I have sit down to blog several times and I just look at the computer screen. So, I think I will tackle a new post via bullets (that seemed to previously work).

* I have finished a semester, grades are not great but adequate to continue in the process - so I will take it.

* Isaiah has one day of kindergarten left - WOW this year has flown by! I am super proud of all he has learned.

* I also had a mommy first today!!! Isaiah had his first "real play date" at our house. We called the other little boy's mom - picked him up - took all three boys to the pool for hours - and successfully return the other little boy in one piece - YES!! Isaiah was thrilled and immediately wanted to progress to a sleep over. One small step for mom and Isaiah is already moving out. His is so extraverted and I am so introverted. I am ready for silence, a bubble bath, and everything to be still. Isaiah is really for a full blown - PARTY!

* Bryan and I enjoyed our vacation, it was short but worth the time away. I have found that it takes me a few days to stop my mind and actually enjoy the vacation. The Biltmore was stunning - nestled in the NC mountains. My favorite part was the house was designed with hospitality in mind - to provide a retreat for people. It stirred all sorts of emotions in me to have my own house again with lots of space. Space that we can freely give to people as they need a place to stay, recover, or just rest. I do not want a fancy house but I do want a BIG house that I can say "just come stay with us - here is a key - come and go as you please." Perhaps to grammies, missionary on home stay or seminary students just trying to make ends meet. Just a refuge for people.

* Bryan and I also kayaked on the river for an afternoon - a splendid time of relaxing, just floating, racing a bit, and splashing each other. Felt nice just to be carefree for a bit. Oh! I would post pictures but we forgot the charger for our camera battery - so no pictures.

* Now we are home, two days until we leave for OK. I am nervous, ready to get it over with, and really not at all sure what to expect! I am not fond of new places, people, or situations - unless I am hosting. So, we will see how it goes - I will let you know!

* Also, decided to take a class this summer - an independent study - so I will have a paper to write over the next 6 weeks.

* And Law Review is in fully gear, I am editing for the general law review potential associate editors. Today is the first deadline so I will have about 30 papers to read and respond to by the end of the week - While I am not looking for to the amount of work, I am looking forward the writing process, I like to see how the topics develop and what the finished papers will look like.

* As a final note - Luker will turn three in a few days! We are going to try and celebrate with a good Texas birthday once we get closer to the great state.

Well, I think that it the updates so far. We will post pictures of our temporary home in Lawton once we get there.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just a Smile

Sometimes I like to think the little unexpected surprises of life are gifts from the Lord, a demonstration of his compassion for our human thoughts.

I was online - avoiding studying - looking through the many things that Bryan and I can do on our parent's only vacation in a few weeks. I was looking through the "Featured Garden Plants and Decor" for the Biltmore estates for 2010.

Two of the featured flowers are the Gardenia (Crown Jewels) and the Dahlia Mystic Beauty. My wedding bouquet was made of Gardenias, my favorite flower. Dahlia (the really big ones) are also some of my favorites. I am super excited to see a massive garden trimmed with such beauty!

Just made me smile! Back to studying!